Stop Saving the Planet! … and other tips for 21st Century environmentalists

Jenny Price is a public writer, artist, and historian, and the 2014 Barron Visiting Professor of the Environment & the Humanities at Princeton University. Author of “Thirteen Ways of Seeing Nature in L.A.” and Flight Maps: Adventures with Nature in Modern America, she’s written also for Believer, GOOD, New York Times, and Los Angeles Times, and pens the Green Me Up, JJ not-quite advice column. As a co-founder of the Project 51 collective, she is co-leading the current year-long Play the LA River project on L.A.’s concrete river; and as a founder of the L.A. Urban Rangers, she has been a resident artist at the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Orange County Museum of Art, and has co-created such projects as Trail System: Downtown L.A. and Public Access 101: Malibu Public Beaches. She is working on a new book, Stop Saving the Planet!–& Other Tips for 21st-Century Environmentalists.

September 9, 2014