Luncheon Keynote, Matthew Crozat: “Who Governs Nuclear Power?”

Lunchtime keynote speaker Matthew Crozat explored the history of institutions created to direct the use of nuclear power, from the Eisenhower administration’s “Atoms for Peace” program through the evolution of the national laboratories and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Inspired by Who Governs?, the seminal work of Yale Sterling Professor of Political Science Robert Dahl (1915-2014), Crozat uses Dahl’s concept of “polyarchy” to describe the complex challenge of simultaneously developing and regulating new nuclear technologies.    

Matthew Crozat is a senior policy advisor in the Office of Nuclear Energy at DOE. He serves as an analyst and advisor with responsibility for performing broad and extensive studies related to economics, policies, and strategic planning efforts. Mr. Crozat currently serves as the vice-chair of the Nuclear Development Committee and the co-chair of the Working Party on Nuclear Economics at the OECD’s Nuclear Energy Agency.

June 5, 2015