Climate Economics

Bob Litterman returns to judge Low-Carbon Portfolio Case Competition

Bob Litterman, former head of risk management for Goldman-Sachs, hopes that society will be as lucky as he has been in dodging fossil fuel-related tragedy. En route to a New York City show with his wife last December, the couple watched as a tanker in the oncoming lane of I-78 struck a car, jumped the median and exploded in front of them. Litterman swerved, and was the last car through as a major artery for New York closed for the next seven hours …

Electricity Access for India's Poor is Minor Contributor to Emissions Growth

Rapid expansion of electrical service in developing countries is a common concern in the climate change community. The aspiration for universal access to electric power is understandable; electricity is crucial to alleviation of poverty, but the accompanying increased burning of fossil fuels to supply that energy potentially hinders efforts to mitigate climate change.

A recent study in Nature Climate Change uses two national datasets to quantify the…

Climate Change: It's the Variability, Stupid

Studies evaluating the impact of climate change have mostly focused on the effects of mean changes in climate. This approach may severely underestimate the vulnerability of human society to anthropogenic-driven climate change. This is because the biological and agricultural sectors are also affected by changes in climate variability and extreme events. A recent article by Thornton et al. (2014) reviews our current understanding on the topic and highlights significant gaps in the research. Expected changes due to climate…


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