Yale Undergraduate Energy Club (YUEC)

The Yale Undergraduate Energy Club brings together undergraduate students interested in energy issues. The club travels annually to Washington DC and New York City and hosts roundtable discussions with industry leaders and Yale professors. Club members come from a diverse range of backgrounds, including political science, global affairs, physics, geology, electrical and environmental engineering, and economics. Activities in the past have included touring the Yale Power Plant and Millstone Nuclear Power Plant, participating in the COP16, attending the YCEI and MIT energy conferences, and meeting with experts including T. Boone Pickens, Rajendra Pachauri, and Dan Esty.


Organizational Leaders & Contact Info: 

President: Jonathan Lam jonathan.lam@yale.edu

Secretary: Kathleen Wu kathleen.wu@yale.edu

Activities and Events Chair: Juan Pablo Ponce de Leon juanpablo.poncedeleon@yale.edu