Yale Environmental Law Association (YELA)

Throughout its history, Yale Law School has served as an important center for groundbreaking environmental thinking. The Yale Environmental Law Association (YELA) aims to build on this legacy by drawing attention to all aspects of environmental law and related fields, through YLS community events, speakers and reading groups, and opportunties to connect and collaborate with other campus groups, as well as by working to promote sustainability in the use of law school facilities. YELA places special emphasis on the interdisciplinary, multifaceted character of environmental law and its relevance to a wide range of legal and policy issues.

Yale Professional School

Organizational Leaders & Contact Info: 

President: Halley Epstein YLS ‘14
Climate Change Chair: Jennifer Skene YLS ‘14 
Conservation Chair: Zach Arnold YLS ‘15
Energy Policy Co-Chairs: Jamie Edwards YLS ’14 & Alex Metz YLS/SOM ‘14
Environmental Justice Chair: Karlanna Lewis YLS ‘15
Food Policy Chair: Ariel Stevenson YLS ‘14
New Directions in Environmental Law Conference Chair: Casey Arnold YLS ‘14
Publicity & Outreach Chair: Whitney Leonard YLS ‘15
Reading Group Chair: Mordechai Treiger YLS ‘15

Contact the Board at yela.yls@gmail.com, or YELA President Halley Epstein