SEED Grant Research

Thermal Effects on the Vector-virus Relationship of Dengue Fever

Paul Turner, Jeffrey Powell 2013-2015

Research will investigate how a warming climate impacts the relationship between the virus responsible for Dengue fever, one of the world’s fastest spreading infectious disease threats, and the mosquito responsible for its spread.

Integrating Genetic and Enviromental Data to Develop Species Distribution Mapsand predict climate change impacts: A Case Study on Tsetse Flies, the Vectors of Sleeping Sickness

Maria Diuk-Wasser, Ronald Smith, adalgisa caccone 2013-2015

Results of YCEI seed funding enabled the following grants to be leveraged towards a greater understanding of future distribution of tsetse flies as climate change renders some existing habitats less suitable and others more suitable for the vector in future climate scenarios.

NIH/NIAID (2R01A1068932-06)  PIs: Aksoy, Caccone, Galvani. $...

Linking the Development of a Novel Paleostorm Indicator with Regional Sea-Level Rise Projections and Urban Ecological Design: An Interdisciplinary Foundation for Implementing Connecticut Coastal Resilience Plans

Trude Storelvmo, Shimon Anisfeld, Alexander Felson, Andrew Kemp 2013-2015

This project seeks to identify proxy indicators in near shore sediments that will give insight into the history of storms and sea-level rise along the Connecticut coast. Collaborators will simultaneously investigate adaptive models and associated policy changes to facilitate adaptation to future storms whose consequences are anticipated to be...

Land Cover Driven Emission Rates of Ice-nuclei-active Bioaerosols as Input Flux Into Global Climate Modeling

Jo Handelsman, Trude Storelvmo 2013-2015

Researchers will construct sampling tools and methodology for investigating the contribution of agricultural fields to the formation of aerosols, still one of the remaining question marks in cloud formation and feedback mechanisms of the upper atmosphere.

Assessing threats of global change to the distribution and phylogenetic diversity of North American freshwater fishes

Walter Jetz, Peter Raymond 2012-2014

Freshwater systems and their biodiversity worldwide deliver important services, but are under severe threat from looming global change. One species group of particularly broad ecological and human significance is fishes. Freshwater fishes often exhibit limited geographic distributions and high potential risk of global extinction. Despite their...

Human and climatic drivers of ecosystem change in Mongolia: Interdisciplinary collaboration in the study of forest-steppe productivity and pastoral nomadism

William Honeychurch, P Mark Ashton 2011-2013

in a socio-ecologically coupled system, what are the linkages between ecosystems, climate, human culture, and policy that promote sustainability? To answer this question we will examine data on ecosystem response to human and abiotic drivers over multiple time scales: 1) trends in forest productivity as revealed by the tree-ring record; 2)...

Controlled Growth, Doping, and Modification of Carbon Materials for High Performance Catalysts and Electrodes

André Taylor, Nilay Hazari 2011-2013

The principle goal of this project was to synthesize highly active doped graphene based materials for fuel cell cathode oxygen reduction reactions, high capacity lithium batteries, and transparent conductive electrodes for organic solar cell applications. The project requires state of the art synthesis to prepare novel molecules to be used as...