Integrating Genetic and Enviromental Data to Develop Species Distribution Mapsand predict climate change impacts: A Case Study on Tsetse Flies, the Vectors of Sleeping Sickness

Amount of funding: 
86 800

Results of YCEI seed funding enabled the following grants to be leveraged towards a greater understanding of future distribution of tsetse flies as climate change renders some existing habitats less suitable and others more suitable for the vector in future climate scenarios.

NIH/NIAID (2R01A1068932-06)  PIs: Aksoy, Caccone, Galvani. $102,607. 02/15/14-01/31/19

Evolutionary genetics of tsetse and its symbionts  The major goal of the project is the interdisciplinary study will provide knowledge on the vector   population dynamics and vectorparasite interactions, on the genetic and environmental parameters most fundamental to disease spread, and on the most appropriate and cost effective methods for control.

NIH Fogarty International Center (2D34TW007391-07) PI: Aksoy. $250,518, 07/06/13-01/31/18 

Tsetse Transmitted African Trypanosomiasis.  The major goal of this project is to help build capacity in Trypanosomias research in East Africa.  Role: Co-Investigator

NIH.  PI: Aksoy $512,869 (PENDING)  01/01/15-12/31/19

Control of Tsetse Fly Transmitted Diseases in Kenya. This application is a collaboration between Yale and TRC scientists to develop projects with translational applications for HAT control. Role: co-Investigator