YCEI Events

April 2015
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April 3, 2015 Lecture Climate Science "The Little Ice Age ... How Bad Was It?" Ray Bradley, UMASS Climate System Research Center Ray Bradley, UMASS
April 8, 2015 Forums Climate Policy Panel on the Papal Encyclical Sir Peter Crane, John Grim, Mary Evelyn Tucker, Douglas Kysar, Margaret Farley, Dekila Chungyalpa
April 9, 2015 YCEI/YCELP Speaker Series Climate Policy Climate & Energy Bookshelf: Christine Klein and Sandra Zellmer, Mississippi River Tragedies: A Century of Unnatural Disaster Christine Klein and Sandra Zellmer
April 16, 2015 to April 17, 2015 Forums Climate Science Tropical Extremes:
 High-impact weather and climate events in monsoon regions Professor Bill Boos and an international panel of participants
April 23, 2015 Lecture Climate and Social Science Climate and the Collapse of Angkor Roland Fletcher (University of Sydney) and Brendan M. Buckley (Columbia)
April 24, 2015 Forums Energy The Future of Nuclear Energy James Hansen, Allison Macfarlane, Michaele Brady Raap, Yehia Kahlil, Jared Milfred