State-level Energy Reforms. Examples From Connecticut. Dan Esty

YCEI Director Mark Pagani introduces Panel Moderator and new YCEI Advisory Board Chair Dave Lawrence who mediates the morning panel and its first speaker Dan Esty, Hillhouse Professor of Law and former Commissioner of Connecticut’s Department of Energy and the Environment.  (DEEP).

Professor Esty discusses how states are stepping up with innovative programs to deal with “a critical problem at a critical time,” rather than wait for Washington to do it for them.  He suggests that government efforts to pick “winners and losers” (eg, corn-based ethanol) has born questionable results.  He cites examples from Connecticut’s experience deploying limited resources to create a platform that encourages entrepreneurial efforts.  A zero-emissions renewable credit is an example by which the state encourages technologies to compete against one another.  Reverse auctions and power-purchase agreements for low bidders, regardless of the technology, are examples of the sort of framework reforms that enable entrepreneurs to obtain financing for new grid-scale renewable projects and a portfolio of technologies.


August 2, 2014