Shell Oil’s New Lens Scenarios. Niel Golightly

YCEI Director Mark Pagani introduces the conference keynote speaker, Niel Golightly, VP External Affairs for Shell Americas.  Golightly discusses his company’s “New Lens” Scenarios, the latest version of a semi-annual analysis of the energy business environment that they have produced as a planning tool for the past 40 years.  “Mountains” and “Oceans” represent two alternative possibilities of what the world could look like in the year 2050 based on different structural approaches to decision-making in the context of resource management.  The latest scenarios present very different pictures of how structural reforms may develop, whether from an entrenched elite or newly empowered groups.  The resulting societal and energy implications outlined are intended to stimulate consideration of the realms and ramifications of choices under consideration by decision makers made today.  Of significant note is the overarching agreement between both scenarios: neither one envisions changes that result in the CO2 reductions that are considered necessary to keep global warming below the 2-degrees that most climate scientists agreed upon as an acceptable limit.

Niel Golightly has held a series of executive roles at Ford and Shell focused on creating mutual value in the relationships between large corporations and their stakeholders. His concentration has been, especially, on energy, climate and mobility challenges.

August 3, 2014