The Use of Econometric Methods to Disentangle Greenhouse Warning and Aerosol Cooling in Observations and Climate Models

Principal Investigator: 

We apply econometric methods to climate observations in order to disentangle the contribution to modern climate change from greenhouse gases and aerosols, both constituents of the atmosphere which been increasing in concentrations in response to industrial activity. Our preliminary results suggest a substantial masking of the greenhouse warming due to the compensating cooling effect that anthropogenic aerosols have on the Earth-atmosphere system. These results will be presented at the YCEI event at the COP18 meeting in Doha, Qatar in December 2012, and a manuscript presenting these first results from the project is in preparation.


Storelvmo, T. and T. Leirvik, 2011: The use of econometric methods to disentangle the anthropogenic aerosol and greenhouse effect in observations and climate models. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 106, 465-467.

Storelvmo, T., Leirvik, T., Turrini, A. and P. C. B. Phillips, 2013: On aerosol cooling, greenhouse warming and climate sensitivity - An observation-based approach. In prep., Summer 2013.