Yale Student Environmental Coalition (YSEC)

The Yale Student Environmental Coalition is Yale’s oldest undergraduate environmental organization and 501(c)3 non-profit. YSEC strives to educate the Yale community about current environmental challenges and debates, advocate for environmentally conscious behavior, responsible consumer choice, sustainable university policy, and environmental justice. We seek to partner with campus organizations, other colleges and universities, non-profits, and major international initiatives in order to bring our objectives to light at Yale, within New Haven, and around the world.


  • President: Alexander Vernoit SY ’16
  • Vice President: Chris Bowman BR ’16
  • Treasurer: Eleanor Marshall SY ’16
  • Events Coordinator: Carolyn Forrester ES ’15
  • Outreach Chair: Lucille Wang MC ’15
  • Liaison to Environmental Advocates: Kathryn Culhane DC ’15
  • Liaison to Environmental Education: Joshua El-Bey BR ’16
  • Liaison to Food Action: Alison Fritz ES ’16
  • Liaison to Fossil Free Yale: Patrick Reed BR ’15
  • Liaison to Project Bright: Tess Maggio DC ’16
  • Liaison to Y3PO: Andrew Crouch TC ’14