SEED Grant Research

Experimental Studies of Thermodynamics, Kinetics and Mechanics of Carbonation of Ultramafic Rocks for CO2 Storage

Edward Bolton, David Bercovici, Robert Bailis, Zhengrong Wang 2009-2011

Of all greenhouse gases in the current atmosphere, it is well-recognized that CO2 represents the biggest radiative forcing on the earth’s climate (1.6 W/m2). Carbon sequestration thus becomes the...

Regional Climate Change Assessment for the Next 100 years: Impacts, Mitigation, and Adaptation

The American Security Project (2011) report estimates that failure to address climate change could result in a $22 billion hit in GDP and nearly 100,000 jobs lost in New England between 2010 and 2050. Some of the projected impacts of climate change, such as warmer temperatures, faster than global-average sea level rise, and erratic changes in...