SEED Grant Research

Metabolic Flux Analysis for the Biosynthesis of Fuel Hydrocarbons

Scott Strobel 2009-2011

We propose to develop the direct production of fuel hydrocarbons from cellulose-based waste feedstock using a carbon neutral fermentation process employing Gliocladium roseum (NRRL 50072), an endophytic fungus recently isolated from Northern Patagonia. The fungus produces and excretes an extensive series of straight chained and branched medium...

Land Surface Properties, Regional Climate Feedbacks and Urban Adaptations

Karen Seto, Ronald Smith, Xuhui lee 2009-2011

Results of this grant (published in Nature 511: 216-219) furthered understanding of convection in the lower atmosphere as a controlling factor in Urban Heat Island (UHI), and were summarized in Yale News, here.


Late Holocene Paleoclimate Reconstruction and Long-Term Human Response in the Region of Timbuktu, Mali (West Africa): Interdisciplinary collaboration in the study of the Lake Faguibine region and the drought-afflicted populations

Roderick McIntosh, Peter Douglas, Ronald Smith 2009-2011

The Timbuktu region has been chosen as a case study to research human response to late Holocene climate change for a number of reasons. We now understand that highly dense populations and an original urban civilization emerged in the first or even second millennium BC in this 170,000 km2 arid-lands floodplain without influence or stimulation...

Experimental Studies of Thermodynamics, Kinetics and Mechanics of Carbonation of Ultramafic Rocks for CO2 Storage

Edward Bolton, David Bercovici, Robert Bailis 2009-2011

Grant results included an additional $2.1MM in funding from the U.S. Department of Energy (described here), and...