YCEI Postdoctoral Research


Linking global species distributions and remote sensing data for climate change research

Adam Wilson Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 2012-2014

Global insights into the magnitude of the biotic response to climatic change are desperately needed. It is therefore imperative to make full use of all available biodiversity distribution data over the broadest possible spatial and temporal extents. Earlier efforts at linking climate variability and changes to biological responses suffer from a...

Studying interaction of atmospheric dynamics and surface dryness in the subtropics

Xavier Levine Department of Geology and Geophysics 2012-2014

Dry regions, where evaporation and evapotranspiration exceeds precipitation in the annual mean, cover about 40% of Earth’s land surface and affect the livelihood of nearly 2 billion people, primarily in developing countries. Drought intensity and frequency may have increased in many dry zones of the subtropics over the past 30 years, and...

Understanding the role of ocean dynamics in the transport, pathways and connectivity of marine organisms at different spatial and temporal scales.

Maria Andrea Pinones Department of Geology and Geophysics 2010-2012

I received my PhD and M.S. degrees in Oceanography from the Center for Coastal Physical Oceanography (CCPO) - Ocean, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Department at Old Dominion University.  Before I moved to the US I received a B.S. degree in Oceanography from the Catholic University of Valparaiso in Chile.