YCEI COP 19 Fellow Diana Madson Holding “Ask Me Anything” Session on Reddit, Live From Warsaw Friday @ Noon

October 1, 2013

Interested in the basics of fossil fuel divestment? Its moral and financial implications? Its relevance to a global deal? Join DivestCOP Reddit Ask Me Anything starting at 12pm EST.

We are DivestCOP working to bring the fossil fuel divestment movement to the international community at COP19 - AMA

Fossil Free is an empowering local act of global citizenship – one that shows solidarity with victims of a changing climate and creates the public mandate for ambitious action. It is an international movement that grew in response to systematic inaction at the international level on dealing with climate change. The industry that is the most responsible for climate change, however, is also the one that holds the most power in our government–the fossil fuel industry. In order to put the industry’s social, environmental, and economic injustices in the spotlight, and to spark an international conversation which cripples the industry’s reputation, Fossil Free calls upon universities to divest from the fossil fuel industry. How this looks in practice depends on each university, but essentially Fossil Free asks three simple things: 1) Stop all new investments in the industry, 2) Drop all remaining investments over a 5-year time period, and 3) Roll out a reinvestment strategy that takes into account climate risk. Campuses are working together to call upon their boards to invest in our futures, instead of in the industry that aims to steal from us any livable future. Once our universities begin to do the math and see how much climate catastrophe will cost, it will be clear that not only is Fossil Free morally right, but also financially feasible. It’s time for universities to lead the way–it’s time for the students to prove it. 

This AMA is coming to you live from the UNFCCC 19th annual Conference of the Parties (COP 19) in Warsaw, Poland.