Climate Change Communication Experts Meet in Beijing

October 30, 2012
From the desk of Tony Leiserowitz:
Just a quick note to let you know about an international conference we are co-organizing and hosting starting tomorrow, entitled Climate Change Communication: Research and Practice. The conference is a collaboration between the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication and the China Center for Climate Change Communication, itself a partnership between Oxfam Hong Kong and the School of Journalism at Renmin University. The conference is being held at Renmin University in Beijing October 12-13, 2013 and will include presentations by many of the world’s leading climate change communication scholars and practitioners. 
The complete program can be viewed here.
The conference aims to help convene and catalyze the international community of climate change communication scholars and practitioners. This new field is growing rapidly around the world, as scientists, governments, the media, companies, and NGOs recognize the vital importance of effective communication about climate change. Globally, the field has achieved a critical mass and this represents one of several efforts to gather the world’s climate change communication experts together to share their insights, make connections, and help establish a global network.
Day 1 of the conference will situate current scholarship within the larger field of communication theory and practice, present the findings of survey research on the state of climate change knowledge, perceptions, policy preferences, and behavior around the world, and examine the design of effective messages about climate change.
Day 2 will focus on the roles played by and message frames used by different messengers, the rapid evolution of traditional and new communication channels, and case studies of climate communication in practice, ranging from global multilateral organizations (e.g., IPCC) to targeted groups.
We plan to post some of the presentations on our website after the conference, and we will be tweeting and posting on Facebook from Beijing as well.  Follow us on those platforms if you’d like updates from the ongoing conversation.  Our twitter handle is @YaleClimateComm. On Facebook, friend us at the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication.
Thanks, as always, for your interest and support of our work,
Tony Leiserowitz, Director
Yale Project for Climate Change Communications