Macroecology, biogeography and gobal change ecoogy

Principal Investigator: 
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Marta’s research is in the fields of macroecology, biogeography, global change ecology, and biodiversity conservation. She received M.S. degrees from Warsaw University of Life Sciences and Pennsylvania State University.  For her Ph.D. at Michigan State University she researched the implications of climate change for avian biodiversity and the influence of land-cover as a factor confounding the biodiversity-climate change relationship. Specifically, she investigated patterns of temporal turnover in the structure and composition of avian assemblages and their relationship to changes in climate across a gradient of landscape fragmentation. She also evaluated spatial scaling of temporal turnover in bird communities and investigated relevant environmental drivers of the community change at each of the investigated spatial scales.

As a postdoctoral associate at Yale, Marta works with Dr. Walter Jetz to explore the implications of climate change on the functional and phylogenetic diversity of vertebrate assemblages. Specifically, she seeks to understand the cross-scale patterns of functional and phylogenetic diversity and in finding spatial scales at which the impacts of climate change are most relevant.