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The Future of Nuclear Energy

Nuclear power satisfies nearly 20% of the nation’s energy needs, and as much as half for states including New Jersey, South Carolina, Illinois and Connecticut.  Its carbon-free nature, and safety record compared with coal – which kills millions of people each year – has earned nuclear power a long second look.  Leading climate scientists including James Hanson, Kerry Emanuel and Michael Mann have taken strong public stands on its behalf.

YCEI COP 19 Fellow Diana Madson Holding "Ask Me Anything" Session on Reddit, Live From Warsaw Friday @ Noon

Interested in the basics of fossil fuel divestment? Its moral and financial implications? Its relevance to a global deal? Join DivestCOP Reddit Ask Me Anything starting at 12pm EST.

We are DivestCOP working to bring the fossil fuel divestment movement to the international community at COP19 - AMA

The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars: Dispatches From The Front Lines

A central figure in the controversy over human-caused climate change has been “The Hockey Stick,” a simple, easy-to-understand graph my colleagues and I constructed to depict changes in Earth’s temperature back to 1000 AD. The graph was featured in the high-profile “Summary for Policy Makers” of the 2001 report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and it quickly became an icon in the debate over human-caused (“anthropogenic”) climate change.

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