Student Funding

In anticipation of cessation of YCEI activities, June 30, 2016, funding is limited, but innovative proposals for student research or in support of summer internships, will be considered until May 15, 2016.

Examples of student projects and activities that YCEI has supported in the past include:

MIT Conference attendance: Awarded $500; travel expenses and registration fees for three students

Energy Efficiency Week - Smart Grid for a Sustainable Future: Awarded $200; dinner with the guest speaker and students

The Yale Climate and Energy Congress 4th Annual Spring Symposium | The Atmospheric Science-Climate Policy Frontier: Awarded $2,610.41; travel expenses for guest speakers, food/beverage and the poster contest award

Expert Panel on Climate Adaptation | Climate Adaptation on 3 C-World - From Policy Framework & Financial Mechanisms to Implementation Strategies:  Awarded $2,567.81; travel expenses for guest speakers

Google at Yale: A Meeting of the Minds on Geotechnology: Awarded $764.55; Food and Beverages

Cop 18 | UN Climate Change Conference: YCEI Side Event | Implications for Monitoring, Mitigation and Monitoring at the Air Quality-Climate Change Nexus Awarded: $11, 626.06; travel expenses for seven students and side event reception

Offshore Arctic Drilling: Awarded $1,000; travel expenses for one student

Rio + 20 | United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development: Awarded $520; travel expenses for three students