Student Funding

The YCEI supports a variety of student projects and events. If you are interested in applying for student support, please follow the “Student Grant” link on the left. Here are some examples of support:

MIT Conference

Awarded $500; travel expenses and registration fees for three students

Energy Efficiency Week - Smart Grid for a Sustainable Future

Awarded $200; dinner with the guest speaker and students

The Yale Climate and Energy Congress 4th Annual Spring Symposium | The Atmospheric Science-Climate Policy Frontier

Awarded $2,610.41; travel expenses for guest speakers, food/beverage and the poster contest award

Expert Panel on Climate Adaptation | Climate Adaptation on 3 C-World - From Policy Framework & Financial Mechanisms to Implementation Strategies

Awarded $2,567.81; travel expenses for guest speakers

Google at Yale: A Meeting of the Minds on Geotechnology

Awarded $764.55; Food and Beverages

Cop 18 | UN Climate Change Conference

YCEI Side Event | Implications for Monitoring, Mitigation and Monitoring at the Air Quality-Climate Change Nexus

Awarded $11, 626.06; travel expenses for seven students and side event reception

Offshore Arctic Drilling

Awarded $1,000; travel expenses for one student

Rio + 20 | United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development

Awarded $520; travel expenses for three students