Shale Gas: Addressing the Gap Between Federal and State Regulations

Friday, March 28, 2014 - 12:00pm

A previous workshop sponsored by YCELP at Pace Law School confirmed that many land use impacts of fracking are not adequately addressed by state and federal regulatory schemes. This follow-up event at Yale will summarize the findings of the first event and convene practitioners and experts to help identify local governance best practices that municipalities can employ to control the impacts of fracking in place of outright bans on the practice. 

The featured presenter at this second workshop is Dr. Hannah Wiseman, assistant professor of law at Florida State University.  Dr. Wiseman is a former managing editor of the Yale Journal of Regulation and an acknowledged expert on the current state of gas shale regulation throughout the nation.

The workshop began with Dr. Hannah Wiseman's overview of state regulatory practices. Additional workshop presentations can be viewed here.