Research Frontiers in the Science of Unconventional Energy Resources

Tuesday, March 5, 2013 - 8:30am to 5:30pm

Video: Panel discussion which concluded the symposium. We invite you to check back for more videos of individual presentations, here.

Yale Climate & Energy Institute (YCEI) and the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) recognize the need for sound earth and environmental science in development of energy resources. This joint symposium featured a broad mix of talks on research frontiers in the interdisciplinary science of unconventional hydrocarbon resources.

Mark Pearson, SPE Distinguished Lecturer, gave the introductory keynote address, “Hydraulic Fracturing of Horizontal Wells – Realizing the Paradigm Shift that has been 30 Years in Development.“

John M. Deutch, Institute Professor, MIT, and chair of the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board 2011 Subcommittee on Hydraulic Fracturing moderated a panel discussion by industry, academic and government experts on best practices in development of unconventional resources.

Featured talks included:

Quinn R. Passey, ExxonMobil: The spectrum of fine-grained reservoirs from shale gas to shale oil/tight oil: Geological and petrophysical attributes,
Carl Regone, BP: Geophysical models of unconventional reservoirs for seismic exploration and microseismic monitoring,
Emmanuel Detournay, University of Minnesota: Is toughness needed to predict the propagation of a hydraulic fracture?  
Franz-Josef Ulm, MIT: The unconventional science and engineering of gas shale
Ridvan AkkurtSchlumberger: Unconventionals research: The search for simple answers to a complex problem,
Avner Vengosh, Duke University: Shale-gas development and impacts on water resources,  
Tad Fox, Battelle: Lessons learned in baseline water characterization for monitoring unconventional resource recovery,
Tarek Saba, Exponent Environmental: Environmental science of hydraulic fracturing: Separating the realities from the myths

The panel discussion at the conclusion of the symposium featured John Deutsch, Richard Liroff, John Nolon and Hannah Wiseman