Climate and the Seasonality of Respiratory Infections: A Conundrum Across Latitudes

Thursday, October 17, 2013 - 12:00pm
Speaker Information: 
Wladimir Alonso, Division of International Epidemiology of Fogarty

Wladimir Alonso’s talk explored the scientific possibilities and challenges in the investigation of the seasonal patterns of diseases in general and respiratory infections in particular. A demonstration of how students can reveal original epidemiological patterns by exploring ancient and contemporary datasets was demonstrated with the help of free analytical software developed by the author.

Speaker Bio:  Since 2005 I have been engaged in research projects at the Division of International Epidemiology of Fogarty. My research has been focused on the spatiotemporal dynamics of influenza and diarrheal diseases, the dynamic modeling of immunization scenarios and and the analysis of historical epidemiological datasets. In this process I have also developed some user-friendly epidemiological analytical tools for researchers and public-health workers . It has also been my pleasure and privilege to give talks on influenza seasonality and data analyses at the MISMS meetings (an international collaborative effort to analyze national and global mortality patterns associated with influenza virus) and workshops to audiences from various countries

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