YCEI Events

October 2015

October 1, 2015 Lecture Climate Policy A New Global Framework for Climate Resilience, Farrukh Khan, UN Secretary General's office Farrukh Khan, Program Manager on Climate Finance, UN Secretary General
October 1, 2015 Lecture Climate and Social Science Pope Francis' Encyclical: Climate Change Evokes Moral Change John Grim, Teresa Berger, Mary Evelyn Tucker, Joana Dafoe
October 2, 2015 Other Climate Policy Know Tomorrow, Yale Student Environmental Coalition Paul Lussier
October 6, 2015 Seminars Climate Policy Climate Investor's Evolving Toolkit, Green Bonds: "2C" Investments or Greenwashed Fixed Income? CBEY, YCELP Anadi Jauhari and Jacob Galardi
October 8, 2015 Lecture Climate Policy Diverse Voices: Dorceta Taylor, University of Michigan Dorcetta Taylor, Univ of Michigan
October 13, 2015 Other Sobotka Seed Stage Venture Grants. Yale Center for Business and the Environment begins accepting applications.
October 22, 2015 Lecture Climate Science Future Heat Stress Effects. Jonathan Buzan, Climate Dynamics Prediction Laboratory, UNH Jonathan Buzan
October 26, 2015 Lecture Energy Clean Energy for a Sustainable Future, Marina Mariano-Juste Marina Mariano-Juste
October 27, 2015 Lecture Energy Smart Solutions for Energy Demands. Andre Taylor Andre Taylor, Yale School of Applied Engineering and Science