YCEI Events

February 2010

February 5, 2010 YCEI Speaker Series Forests and Climate Change Richard Birdsey; United States Forest Service- Program Manager for Climate, Fire and Carbon Cycle Sciences
February 10, 2010 YCEI Speaker Series Paleogeographic control of sources and sinks of CO2 during the Mesozoic and Cenozoic Dennis Kent, Rutgers University Department of Earth & Planetary Science
February 12, 2010 Seminars Behavioral Ecology and Conservation of Chimpanzees at Ngogo, Kibale National Park, Uganda Professor David Watts, Yale Department of Anthropology
February 15, 2010 YCEI Speaker Series A revised view of the Cenozoic evolution of the cryosphere Robert DeConto; University of Massachusetts, Amherst
February 19, 2010 YCEI Speaker Series Intergenerational and International Equity in a Warming Planet John Roemer; Yale Elisabeth S. and A Varick Stout Professor of Political Science and Economics
February 22, 2010 YCEI Speaker Series For Peat's sake: Ins and outs of carbon cycling at the PETM Lee Kump; Pennsylvania State University Institutes of Energy and the Environment
February 26, 2010 Seminars Lessons about the Oceanic Carbon Cycle from the End Cretaceous Mass Extinction Ellen Thomas, Lecturer, Yale Department of Geology & Geophysics