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Opening the Floodgates: how should we respond to climate-induced migration and displacement?

Discussions on climate adaptation at COP18 generally glossed over the issue of climate migrants–people whose displacement is the direct result of climate change and the extreme weather events it brings. As negotiators look toward the future of UNFCCC negotiations, they must confront this pressing crisis.

Displacement, Migration, and Climate Change: the Discussion at COP18

Climate change loads the dice for more frequent and severe extreme weather events which lead to the displacement of people. Scientists are using new data to understand the motivations behind their exodus and definitively link the humanitarian challenge of migration with climate change.<--break->

Paleo-what?—introducing insights from the ancient climate record into the mindset of climate negotiation

As the COP18 in Doha cranks along into its second week, onlookers follow the proceedings and ponder how the results of continued negotiation will affect them. Frustrated environmental activists bemoan the slow progress made by the UNFCCC over the past two decades and call for more ambitious action, industry groups look out for any changes in emissions reduction targets or country stances that will affect their bottom line, and journalists search for stories amid a mass of bureaucratic wrangling.

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