Funding Policy

The policy of Yale Climate & Energy Institute was to support leading-edge research activities in climate and energy that were transparent, accessible and intended for publication in leading peer-reviewed journals. All YCEI-funded research was conducted under the direction of Yale faculty. YCEI and the projects that it supported also accepted external funding in the form of gifts and grants for specific research projects, or for topical research themes established by faculty in coordination with YCEI.

YCEI policy was that its funding would not provide salary to participating Yale faculty. Following established protocols for academic research, the data and methodology underlying peer-reviewed, published work were to be made available on publicly accessible websites. It was also YCEI policy that all sources of funding be acknowledged in all publications. External support for YCEI research activities was required to conform to these policies.

The core funding for YCEI came from several sources, including from gifts by individuals, corporations and institutes intended to promote research and teaching on climate and energy science and from the Yale Science Development Fund.

For more on Yale University policies on conduct of research, go to: Yale Office of Research Administration