• Monsoon Information For Those Who Need It Most

    Asst. Professor Bill Boos has created a website to provide weather projections for monsoons, drenching seasonal storms that effect billions of people, many of whom are not served by weather forecasts. YCEI sponsors an international forum on monsoons, organized by Boos, this Spring.

  • Yale Back at Center of Responsible Investment Management

    One month after Yale University announced that it will encourage a portfolio of lower-carbon investments rather than divest its fossil-fuel holdings, the Yale School of Management announces plans for the first National Low-Carbon Portfolio Case Competition.

  • Partnership with Industry Puts Fracking to the Test

    This fall, Yale professor Jim Saiers initiates the first scientific study to strategically isolate potential shale gas effects before, during and after hydraulic fracturing occurs. The project was seeded with a grant from the YCEI.

  • Jetz Lab Awarded FutureEarth Grant for Global Biodiversity Monitoring

    FutureEarth is a coalition of UN and non-UN groups working to increase sustainability and responsiveness to environmental risk and change. YCEI sponsors the initial meeting of 40 researchers this Fall to identify data gaps and shared standards for collection.

  • A Tiny Step for Nanotube Design, a Giant Leap for Solar Power?

    With support from YCEI, Yale researchers Nilay Hazari and Andre Taylor pioneered a new technique for "doping" carbon nanotubes that increases the efficiency of electron transport in hybrid solar cells by orders of magnitude.

Submitted by: Srinath Krishnan

A new study considers the complications of projecting impacts on carbon uptake by Earth ecosystems as the planet warms. The synthesis of organic compounds by primary producers from atmospheric or aqueous carbon dioxide is known as primary production. Almost all organisms on Earth directly or indirectly depend on it. Global primary production (GPP) is defined as the amount of chemical energy…

Submitted by: Maria Andrea Pinones

The Southern Annular Mode (SAM), the predominant mode of atmospheric variability in the Southern Ocean, has shifted to a positive polarity in recent years, resulting in a poleward displacement and strengthening of the circumpolar westerlies. In some regions of Antarctica, a positive SAM has been linked to warming and reduction in the sea ice duration and extent. This positive trend seems to be…

by Dr. Yehia Kahlil

Nearly three and a half years after the Fukushima Daiichi’s nuclear accident, Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority has certified its first nuclear station at Sendai to go back on line…

Jared Milfred ‘16 became the nation’s youngest certified nuclear plant operator as a high school student in Portland, OR. He describes plans for a YCEI forum on nuclear power that he is organizing with Professor Yehia Khalil of the School of Engineering and Applied Science, scheduled for April 24, 2015.